A Couple of Things

In the last couple of weeks, I have realized that I have not been enjoying our waterfront as much as I should.  I don’t take the time to just go there and sit by it.  I used to do that a lot when I lived here before and when I lived in Vancouver, but since moving back, I have lived further from the water and I just haven’t been doing it.  That must change.   Today I went down and sat at the end of West Street for a while.

When I lived on West Street, and when that area seemed to me the center of the world, I used to think the view from the end of West Street was amazing.  Since then I have lived in the Big City and compared with Spectacular BC views, the end of West Street paled in comparison.  But a couple of things got me thinking about that view again and you know, I still think it’s amazing.

I can stand at the end of West Street and see the Steam Museum, RMC, Fort Henry, and a couple of Martello towers.  I look at the spot where one of the largest bodies of fresh water in the world, one of the GREAT lakes, becomes the source of the mighty St. Lawrence River, and it also converges with the end of the Rideau Canal system, a Unesco World Heritage Site.  The Thousand Islands start here, with Wolfe Island being the largest of them, or so I have been told.  There are boat races and lessons on some of the best freshwater sailing waters in the world, and then there is our own Yacht Club and the willows behind the Simcoe Apartments–always beautiful.

A celtic cross placed here in memory of the Irish Famine.

RMC and Fort Henry.

The beginning of the St. Lawrence.

A fine assortment of water fowl under the new “Do Not Feed the Water Fowl” sign, which gets about as much attention here as similar signs in Vancouver do.


A couple of years ago I included in my blog some pictures of two houses on Division Street.  They had been neglected for a long time.  I believe there was mental illness and hoarding involved.  The person living there had been taken away in 2012 but the houses have sat there empty and inactive since then.  However, in the last couple of weeks I have noticed that work is being done on the stone house (I think there was a fire in the brown house within the last year) and work is progressing apace, after all those years of inactivity.

The Google Street View.

This is what the yards looked like in 2015–a horrendous mess!

This is what is happening now!  It is moving in leaps and bounds every day!  I’ll have to look and see if they took down the log building at the back.

Some of the jungle has been bulldozed back.  I don’t know how much of the garbage has been taken away.  It’s hard to tell with all the summer foliage.  The property goes way back, so the bulldozer has only made a small dent.  I can’t wait to see how it turns out.  I’m glad to see this happening because it is a lovely little stone house.  I bet the neighbours are happy too!  I’ll keep you posted.



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