Before heading out of Ottawa, I missed a picture…

The Byward Market was a big winner over the La Machine weekend.  Ottawa was not expecting so many people to turn up.  I heard that they were expecting maybe 100,000 people over the four days, but final estimates figured at 750,000.   The market people were pleasantly surprised and apparently three market vendors ran out of food!   On the radio the next morning, Ottawa officials were gobsmacked at the success, including one who said the city would never be the same, which may have been just a teensy bit over the top.   Anyway, the whole event was a huge success and ran so smoothly and was free of any obvious and oppressive security.  A joyous time was had by most, if not all.   I must say, as the dragon rolled off into the distance, I just stood there watching in awe.  I feel really privileged to have seen that, and kind of wish I had stuck around for the evening battle.


I headed back home the next day through Perth–exquisite and golden stoned jewel of Lanark County.  It’s such a beautiful little town–I just love it.

Each building is clean and well kept.  There is hardly an ugly building in the place.  I can’t think of one off the top of my head.

A tea shop on the main street.

I am sure that this house has a name but I am too lazy to look it up.   It certainly is an impressive property.

A classic scene.

Almost all the businesses in Code’s Mill have changed since last I was there.   This is a new coffee and chocolate place.  Even though I am a big fan of chocolate, I did not partake…this time.

Another hanging balcony.

More Perth tomorrow, plus a view from the top of Foley’s Mountain.


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