La Machine–Longma

Before I get back to La Machine, I will tell you about today.   I had work and errands to do today.   The last one was cat sitting on Ontario Street.  I came down West Street and went to turn on to Ontario Street, and the Lake by the Yacht Club looked soooooo delightful, I pulled in to the parking lot.  The water was blue and sparking and lots of little boats dotted the bounding main.   I decided to park and get out my chair and sit and enjoy it for a while.   The cats could wait.

It was a children’s sailing class.  Little kids were practicing and there seemed to be an older kids’ class as well.  Lots of seagulls, pigeons and ducks were hanging out and people were sitting in the shady spots.  A summer haze hung over Wolfe Island as the windmills waved.  When it was time for the little ones to come back to the Yacht Club, a few of them had some trouble.   A couple of them had to be towed in.  A little boy, who didn’t look any older than 5, fell in.   I’m sure he could swim though, and he had a life jacket on, and he was pulled out and taken back in the dinghy.  I sat there for an hour and didn’t want to leave, but obligations were calling.  I should really do that more often.


Back to Sunday…

Longma is asleep.

Now she’s awake.

Now she’s getting frisky!   That dag-nabbed spider is getting away!

She’s off and running.

A little girl imitates dragon wings.

There she goes, off towards LeBreton Flats, spitting fury as she goes.

Dump trucks going down Wellington St. in tandem, to clear the street of people.  I was surprised that cars were going down Wellington up to about half an hour before the event.

Some Nation’s Capital architecture.

This is the best video I’ve found of the big fight between the two creatures at the
War Museum later Sunday evening.  Watching this, I wish I had gone to that as well.  You can’t see the spider so well, but the dragon is awesome!


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