La Machine–Kumo

This weekend I went up to Ottawa to see La Machine–an extravaganza from France featuring a giant spider named Kumo and an equally giant dragon-horse called Longma.   I didn’t pay too much attention to the storyline but they chased each other all over the downtown for four days.  At one point the spider was lowered from the top of the Notre Dame Basilica on Sussex Drive.  When I was there, they were at the Supreme Court.

The spider was cool, but my main attraction was the dragon.

The Supreme Court building.  Longma, the dragon-horse, is asleep.

There are musicians involved in this as well.  These are mechanical lifts that travel along with the creatures.   As the crowd waited, the workers all arrived on a big truck, to great applause.   Then they took their places.

The spider says peek-a-boo, before it heads off in the other direction.

Heading down Wellington Street.

Bass-guy goes with him.

Kumo shoots stuff out the front and the back.  I think it is water.  The dragon also snorts at people, getting them all wet.

I had been a little nervous about going because of the crowds and all the walking and standing, but I am so glad I decided to go for it.  It was a fantastic experience!

Tomorrow–Longma awakes and goes haring after her arch enemy!


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