Biking in Belleville 3

I like this sort of house much better than the Glanmore style.  Cozy and cute.

And across the street–a gorgeous garden!

I had a very brief conversation with the gardener here.  She loves putting together little scenes.  I love it and I told her so.

I think maybe I posted this porch last time I came by here.  It is just such a comfortable, inviting porch.

Look at the stone work on this exquisite little garage!

Holy foliage Batman!

A nice set of row houses–now looking fairly exclusive.

Back at the Moira River, this time I am heading south.

City Hall, with a market behind it, just like in Kingston.

Ooops, can’t go any further–not this way anyway.  Didn’t bother going around.  Maybe next time.  This is before the big rain storm yesterday–it’s just the high lake water.

Heading back up to the main street and the car and home.  There is still some construction going on but the main street is looking good, with it’s new cobblestone and concrete new street and sidewalks.  However, it was absolute Deadsville–hardly a soul downtown.  It was a Sunday and most of the stores were closed.  I hope that when the construction is out of the way, the new look will draw people downtown, which will in turn encourage new businesses to open.  I think Burger Revolution should open a second location!

As I was leaving town, I passed this–Quinte Courthouse–a brand new building.

What a great day out I had in Belleville.  Tomorrow I take a friend to lunch at Chaffey’s Locks.  Stay tuned!


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