Biking in Belleville 2

Interesting makeover into a home.

A perfect little house, and it was next door to another perfect little house.  Love them!

Hens and chicks blooming…

…in this fabulous garden.

This seemed to be a house with an apartment at the side, and the beige building behind is a duplicate of this one.  I like them.  They seem kind of L.A.-ish, although I have never been to LA, and I am sure that LA houses come with palm trees instead.

An impressive old pile…if you go for the Bates Hotel look.

That’s it for Belleville for today.   I will continue with it tomorrow.  Meanwhile, this is what a portion of Dalton Avenue looked like yesterday, as well as portions of King Street and Gardiner’s Road.  What a downpour!   And I had to put an extra blanket on last night!  However, today the clouds are starting to part and the sun is coming out.  We can get back to the Summer That Never Was.


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