Biking in Belleville

I had a day off yesterday and wondered what to do, but then I happened to see a piece of paper with a restaurant recommendation for Belleville and I decided to go there, and take my bike.

The wildflowers are looking great this year.  This was a spot along Hwy. 2.  There is chickory, bergamot (I think), wild parsnip and goldenrod, black eyed Susan (lots of birdfoot trefoil too, but not in this picture), and Queen Anne’s lace.

This was my lunch destination.  I had heard that it was voted the 7th best burger in the country!  It is definitely good, but I’m not sure that I would go that far.   They have a board on the wall on which they list where all their local ingredients come from and a whole wall is devoted to listing their burger and poutine selections.  The service is very friendly, and it was packed at 2pm, always a good sign.

The cute little information center.  Just as I was taking the picture, this car came roaring by and then the light turned green and I couldn’t get another one.

I got on the bike and headed out on the bike path along the river.

One of these things is not like the others.   To everything, tern, tern, tern, there is a seagull, tern, tern, tern…

Tomorrow, I dive into the old neighbourhood.  Gorgeous homes and gardens…


2 thoughts on “Biking in Belleville

  1. You’ve got the words wrong in your tern song Karen. In this case it should be:
    To everything, Gull, Gull, Gull, there is a Tern, Gull, Gull, Gull… LOL

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