Even More Veg, This Time With Farm Animals

This is harvest season.  I’ve been getting into the habit of stopping by Salt of the Earth Farm whenever I go by to see what they have in the way of eggs and veg.  It is an admirable operation, and today I took a little bit more of a look around.   I am loving this trend of farmers getting more in touch with their customers and customers supporting farmers.  Kingston has always been lucky enough to have a farmer’s market, and many Kingstonians were tuned into this decades before I was.    I’m afraid I’m not totally there yet.   I still like to just go to the grocery store and get my shopping over with all at once, and I get what I want when I want it, not when it is in season…but I’m working on it, because I do think supporting your local farmer is an important step in improving the world.

Salt of the Earth farm is just east of Kingston near the turn off to Sibbet Road.  This isn’t an advertisement and there are many other wonderful farms in the Kingston area i.e. Sonset Farms, Patchwork Gardens, Fruition Farms etc.   This just happens to be the one that is fairly convenient for me and I just happened to be going by yesterday.

Their farm booth.  Lots of nice things on offer today.  I picked up a cucumber and some raspberries.

Their source of cut flowers.

More cut flowers and some veg in front of the collapsing old barn.

The collapsing old barn.

These look like Shire horses to me, but I could be wrong.  They have been used to help with the farming, but tractors are also used.

A beautiful field with many different items.

There are also some pigs but they were back in the bush and I just caught a glimpse.  The pigs are raised for meat.  I’m not sure about the cows, but you can check out the farm’s Facebook page and see what goes on there.


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