Oak Street Community Garden

Today I popped up to one of my favourite spots, which I don’t visit often enough–the Oak Street Community Garden.   The garden is looking fine and it gets bigger and bigger every year.  Joyful things go on there–happy people gardening, crisp and juicy vegetables growing in the sun, shared lunches, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) baskets being prepared.   Today, I think it is the main man who runs the garden, had a little girl there, no more than two, tottering around helping.  He would dig up a plant and put it in a bag, and she would walk it to the grey bin, being careful not to walk on the onions next door.   They were going to be delivered to Sigrid’s Natural Foods.  I think they give food away as well.

Those buildings in the background are on Leroy Grant Drive.  It is supposed to be extended right through here to the northern end of Leroy Grant, which ends across from the bus terminal.   I hope it never goes through!

The wild chicory is blooming.

Leafy greens of some sort.  I don’t know my vegetables at all.  😦

Butter lettuces, I think some carrots maybe, and I don’t know what is in the foreground.

A sunflower opening up.

The old Alcan buildings in the background.

The scarecrow has been been really jazzed up this year.   Tres chic non?

More veg tomorrow.




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