Kingston Mills Road is Open!

I had a little craft project to do today so I thought I would take it to Kingston Mills and work on it there.   The signs are still up at either end, but I discovered that the road is open!   It has been closed a long time–maybe a year.   It was scheduled to be finished in May, but  we had wild, high water flow in the spring,  and it washed out some of the road so the repairs were extended.   I was there just the night before last and it was still closed, although I couldn’t see why, but anyway, today you can get through.  Obviously not too many people know about it because the road is very quiet.

A lot of trains came through while I was there!

Anyone know what kind of berries these are?   I went to Google Images but I am not getting a clear answer.  There are several berries that look similar.

As I returned to the car, I heard an exquisite bird song and I am pretty sure it was a hermit thrush, because it reminds me so much of my favourite BC bird song–the Swainson’s Thrush.   I have only heard very brief snippets of their song twice since I have been in Ontario but this one stayed in one place and sang for quite a while.  During the first few minutes a freight train was going by, which was frustrating, but it eventually disappeared and I was able to enjoy the song.  It was still singing when I left.

The new bridge–still one lane.

Coming home along Hwy. 15.  Strip malls and big box stores going in on the west side of the highway.

South of LaSalle Secondary School.


Looking down across the town in the evening light, from Barriefield.



2 thoughts on “Kingston Mills Road is Open!

    • Sorry Doug. I don’t think that’s it. The leaves are a little different and the berries don’t hang the same. These ones are one or two on each little branch. Thanks for trying though.

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