A Wet Country Drive

I’ve just about had it with this summer.  Every time you turn around it is raining, or threatening to.    I was out on Gardiner’s Road and there were great hulking piles of clouds of varying shades of grey and I decided to head north and check them out.

This is what I found.

Looking down into Sydenham.  Below:  Next to the Foodland.

From Wilmer Road, where I usually take lovely sunsets.

Back into town–I decided to go by Rideau Heights Public School to see what was happening with the park they are working on there, since we were looking at park improvements last time.  This is the library and community center that they are building on to the western end of RHPS.

From Wilson Street.  Across from the school is the new skateboard facility that was built last year.

A splash pad and soccer pitch, from Wilson Street.

More new stuff.  This is behind the Holy Family school on Wiley Street.  I’m not sure what it is going to be.

When I got home I looked at my plants and found that we hadn’t had a drop here in my neighbourhood.   It won’t be far off though.  It’s supposed to rain tomorrow.


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