K-Town Is A-Changing

First a couple of pictures from Bayridge, a little park just off Hudson Drive.  I had gone with a picnic to Old Colony Park, but there was not a single picnic table in the park!  Have you ever heard of such a thing?   Anyway, I went down the road a bit and found a table in this little park.

Playing with a drone.  It’s in front of the center tree.

This is at the northern end of Bagot Street, across from the Cook Arena.  Kingston is going on a binge of park improvement, which is an excellent thing.   Working at Rideaucrest, and looking over Douglas Fluhrer Park, I am so impressed with how many people are using the park now that it doesn’t look like a temporary afterthought.

These two homes have been stripped of their ivy coverings.  The one on top hasn’t been seen in decades!  It was totally overgrown!   I know that the lower one has a new owner, and I expect the same is true of the upper one.

Lots of foliage still in evidence around Elizabeth Cottage.  Things are growing lushly this year, with all the rain.

I’m going to show some pictures of Victoria Park, which is getting a makeover tomorrow, but this is Breakwater Park, where the Time statue is, and work has just begun on a new look for this place, with a stepped shoreline, leading down to the lake.

Lots of work being done on this hole at Nelson and Princess.   There are plans, here in Williamsville,  for all kinds of great huge buildings full of student apartments, sometimes 300+ in a building!

I’ll show you some more changes tomorrow.


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