Five years ago, the day after I got my car, I did a similar trip up to the Peterborough area.   I was trundling along Hwy. 9 when all of a sudden I saw a donkey shaped sign on a corner.  I came to a screeching halt, since, as you may know, I am very keen on donkeys, and went back and checked it out.  It was a donkey sanctuary!   I had no idea that there was a donkey sanctuary there!   How marvellous!

Today I went by to see the donkeys–this time on purpose and bearing a small donation.

It’s called the Primrose Donkey Sanctuary.    They have opening hours–I think it said Thursdays and Sundays 1-4.

This is Primrose, the original donkey.  She is 43 years old!

I don’t know this guy’s name but he was super friendly and he loved the ear rubs.

Then it was on the road again, with more rolling views.  It really is very pretty countryside.

The next stop was Bewdley, at the western end of a large lake called Rice Lake.   Hwy. 28 has a bypass around Bewdley now but back when I was a kid, it went right through the little town.  It’s a very scenic spot.   It puts me in mind of Harrison Lake in BC.

There were lots of people out fishing.  No idea what they were fishing for.

I had a great lunch at the Rhino, sitting on the patio.  Sitting there by myself, I couldn’t help but hear the conversation at the next table.  It seemed to be a family group of grandfather, son and grandson–the grandson being twelve.  They had cycled there from wherever.  They were having a wonderful, intelligent conversation about many subjects–the Bible, Nietzsche, the book one of them was writing and cycling, and the boy was being included as an equal, although, when he got a little too know-it-all, he was reminded that he was twelve and still learning things.   I really enjoyed listening to them and was sad when they left.

Lakefield tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “Donkeys!

  1. I feel like being sarcastic today…😁 You stated….. “There were lots of people out fishing. No idea what they were fishing for.” My guess is they were fishing for fish….🤣🤣🤣

    Roger Kavaner

    • Well I have heard that there are aquatic gremlins that are becoming an invasive pest in Rice Lake Roger, so that is always a possibility as well. 🙂

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