A Big Day Trip

I had planned to go up to the Peterborough area yesterday but once I was ready to go, I realized that it was cloudy out.  Rain was forecasted for Peterborough, so I decided to wait until today.   I was up early and it was a glorious morning, so I headed west.

I followed my road trip tradition of having breakfast with the Maple Road llamas and then headed along the 401 to Wooler Road, the other side of Trenton.

Scenes along Old Wooler Road, which runs east west, as opposed to Wooler Road that runs north south.  Confused yet?   It is a very comely road, with superb vistas of a sort that you don’t get around Kingston.  This area is part of the Oak Ridges Moraine system, making it quite hilly.

The hamlet of Morganston.

The crown vetch and bugloss seem to be doing very nicely this year.  They must like all the moisture we’ve been getting.

According to the map I could go further west than this, but it turned into an “Unimproved Road.”  I had enough of that nonsense the day I went down the one north of Westport, so I turned back and found this road going north south–only the far end of that turned out to be “Unimproved Road” as well.  Anyway, it wasn’t too bad and was only for a short distance, so my little car lived to tell the tale.

Looking at my Wildflowers of Ontario website, this seems to be Butterfly Weed.  I don’t remember seeing it before, but I saw a few patches of it today.

Lots more tomorrow but for now I will say that I hope no one I know was travelling west on the 401 this evening.  It was slow to stopped all the way from Kingston to Trenton, at least, and who knows how far beyond those points!

I’m finding that my poor old camera is revving up more and more slowly and the pictures are less and less clear.  It’s on its last legs.  I’m hoping to get a new one very soon!






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