Happy Canada Day!

Happy Birthday also to Kingston Cam.  I began this on Canada Day 2014, at the parade in Sydenham.

My homage to the day.

I really really wanted to see Savannah Shea who was performing downtown at 1pm.  I had made arrangements to give blood at noon before I found out about that.  After I was finished, I rushed downtown hoping to catch a few minutes, but sadly, she was gone.   I went off to Artfest instead.

Well attended!  Due to all the rain recently, the park was very soft and swampy, so vendors put out boards, old carpets and bark mulch at their doorways.   But the sun came out for the afternoon, which is good.

The beer garden, with a band playing.

The little statue in the corner of City Park that was stolen and recovered during the winter.

I headed back down to Confederation Park to check out the festivities.

Even the Martello towers were in festive colours.

Lisa Vee and the VIPs.

The lineup to have your picture taken with the Kingston sign.

The lineup to get on the ferris wheel.   Compared to the Ottawa lineups–no remote comparison!

The St. Lawrence Place assisted living, dressed up for the occasion.   It’s only a block from the park.

Look who it is…our old friend Spencer Evans, this time doing funk.

On my way home.   I didn’t stay for the fireworks, but I am hearing them all over the place tonight.  I also heard someone walk by singing Oh Canada, which was lovely.

In one of the nursing homes I worked in, there was a woman with dementia, of Japanese origin, who loved to sing Oh Canada.   She had a beautiful voice and it was really quite moving.

I notice that my blog for the Skeleton Park Arts Fest got 110 views, and quite a few the days before and after, and then it fell away to the usual 10 or so.  Lol.   I had shared it with my neighbourhood Facebook page, the Arts Fest page and the Arts and Entertainment page.   Oh for that sort of readership every day!

Tomorrow I hope to go off on a road trip to Peterborough.




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