Gananoque-Dinner and a Concert continued

I headed down to the marina to another of my favourite spots to work on a creative project.  The water is also running very high there.  Over at the docks for the 1000 Islands tours, the water covers half the dock as well.  I chose the picnic table that was not underwater to work at.

Then it was a little walk around the downtown.  Donovan’s Hardware is still open!  I heard four years ago that its closure was imminent, but it still hangs in there.   The hardware section gets smaller and smaller and the gift section gets bigger and bigger.

An African shop on King Street.  I took this photo because here she is displaying some glasswork done by a friend of mine, who goes by the name of Shemrod.

The Town Hall.

This was to be our dinner destination–The Socialist Pig, but it closes at 6pm.   We went up the street to Anthony’s instead.  The building behind the vehicle there, is the Gananoque Brewing Company, specializing in craft beer.

The Royal Theatre has had many reincarnations–live theatre, movies, bowling alley, back to live theatre.  It just re-opened in May.

A little rest area in the lobby.

I came to see my third Leonard Cohen show by Tracie Morgan (in red).   Other performs are Stu Pike, Brian Flynn, Adam Hodge and the ubiquitous Spencer Evans.  Christina Tracy is not pictured here but does vocals.  At the end of the concert, Spencer Evans got out his clarinet and did a Klezmer piece that brought down the house of, alas, only 30 people.

Not the greatest photo, but the reader of poetry was Kingston stalwart, Roger James.  Roger has been around for decades and when not reading poetry, plays the banjo and is very, very funny.  His Jewish version of the Unicorn Song or his English translation of Woolly Bully are inspired nonsense.  He has literally had me in tears of laughter.

Although the audience was not large, it was very appreciative, and we went home happy and energized and full of admiration for both Cohen and our local musicians.




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