And More Music!

Once the Goat Steppers had walked us to the next venue on Patrick Street, I got settled under the awning for the Kitchen Gypsies, who play a lightly swinging Django Reinhardt type jazz.  Very enjoyable.

Spencer and Oscar joined in on a number.

This woman and the Apocalyptic Horseman got to hamming things up.

Then we moved on to Redan Street.

The next band was the Chris Alfano Quartet, playing smooth and sophisticated jazz under the shade of big trees.  And there was Greg Runions, from my QE band class, on vibes.   Great to see.  I hadn’t seen him since school and I had a short chat with him.  It sounds like they don’t play that often, but I will have to keep an ear open, because I would love to hear more.

Then it was up half a block to Skeleton Park itself.   Choir master Andy Rush takes a photo of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse and Cowboy Politics (?), while Georgette Fry gets ready on stage.

Like Roger James, I have been going to see Georgette for decades.  She doesn’t do gigs around town that often anymore.  Last year I went to see an Etta James tribute concert that she did, but mostly her efforts are concentrated on her Shout Sister choirs, an idea that has spread all over southern Ontario.

She did one slow number, pictured above, and then got the dancers going.

Shout Sister joined her for a gospel number.

I didn’t go around the festival and see what else was going on.  I had things to do and had to get home.  But what a twenty four hours!  The music is not over yet.  On Wednesday I go to see Tracie Morgan do a tribute to Leonard Cohen in Gananoque.  She does Leonard proud.

The more I see of local music, the more blown away I am.  There is so much talent in this town and so much going on.   There is great support for young musicians starting out and frequent jams to get experience at.  Maybe there was a local music scene in Vancouver, but I never accessed it.  It was too hard getting around the big city and music at clubs started waaaaaaay too late for me, and most others too, according to a recent article in the Vancouver Georgia Straight.   I am just loving my K-Town hometown, even if it doesn’t have mountains!



3 thoughts on “And More Music!

  1. Hello. I am Gary from The Kitchen Gypsies. These are great photos of us. Thank you so much! I will share your work of Facebook. Would you be comfortable if we include those photos on our website? We would attribute them to you (I would need your full name).
    Thanks for considering this.

    • Hi Gary. I’ve got a couple more photos as well if you are interested. I could send you the full sized ones if you want, and yes, you are welcome to use them. Is that your e-mail address up there @kos?

      Thanks for the great music.

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