Storms Moving In

Before I get started with today’s pictures, here is one I took a while back–possibly Latimer Road.

Today was supposed to be rainy and stormy all day. The clouds didn’t show up until well into the afternoon and we haven’t had anything too tumultuous yet.  It certainly has been hot and humid for a couple of days!

Before the clouds–Lower Union Street.

University Avenue.  Ontario and Grant Halls.

Chernoff Hall, with its auditorium on the left.

The bushes caught my eye.  Honeysuckle?

An unusual house for Kingston, on a small plot of land.  I like it.

Summer is certainly here, with its lush greenery!

Gardens at St. John the Apostle Catholic Church.

Peonies are out!  Gorgeous!  I might try to get some different kinds, before they fade away, which some are doing already.

Remember this huge art piece from the ROM?  I told you that I would let you know the name of the artist if I found it.  It is El Anatsui.   Even though he has nothing to do with Kingston, as far as I know, here is a link to his website.




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