Miscellaneous Toronto

Looking across St. James Park from Jarvis Street.

St. Lawrence Market.

Church Street, looking west.

Osgoode Hall Law Courts.

A shop called Original on Queen Street, just west of Spadina.  Amazing place!  I can’t wear any of this stuff, but I sure wish I could!

This is called Graffiti Alley, just south of Queen Street.  I can’t say that I was impressed.  There were a couple of nice pieces, like this portrait, but mostly it was just plain graffiti, nothing very artistic.  I did not see Rick Mercer doing a rant.

That’s it for Toronto.  Shortly after this I was on the train heading back to K-Town.  I was knackered after walking a lot in the fresh air and I slept for the first hour on the train.  When I awoke, there were green fields, horses, and boys playing baseball at a country diamond, and, although I enjoyed visiting the city, I felt a sigh of relief at being out of it.  It was a good visit though, and I was able to get my bearings after not spending much time there in the last 30 years.   I’ll have to get back again soon.




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