Queen’s Quay

On the morning of the 7th it was a gorgeous day and I headed out early and went down Spadina to Queen’s Quay to see Toronto’s waterfront.

I got the streetcar down, because my walking isn’t great anymore, but there was a stalled streetcar in the way and mine couldn’t go any further, so I had to get out and walk an extra ten blocks or so.  That happened to me twice in two days.  That’s the trouble with streetcars.   In Vancouver the buses run on electric wires, but they can go around each other if necessary.

Lots of condos!

This is what you have to go under to get to the waterfront–the Gardiner Expressway.  I think there has been some talk of getting rid of it, but not sure how they would move the traffic.  As you can see in the first picture, there are lots of train tracks here as well.

There were several tall ships around.  I have a photo of the Empire Sandy in Kingston going on 30 years ago.

The photograph foreshortens everything.  It’s not quite as jammed in as it looks, but it is quite dense along Queen’s Quay.   Parks and lake front are to the left.

It’s starting to look like Vancouver here!

Most of the stuff in the previous photos is new since I was last down here.   I remember this though.  That band stand is where I saw the Glenn Miller Orchestra back when I was a teenager, so it’s been there quite a while.  This little bridge was there as well, but I was never down here that much and don’t remember how far things went then.

Tomorrow I am going to put the last pictures of Toronto off for a while and show you photos of Picton and the rollicking show I went to at the Regent Theatre.


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