Yorkville, Kensington Market…and Kingston!

Precipitous pigeons.

An incongruous little church in the midst of conspicuous consumption Heaven.  Just beyond the Louis Vuitton is Tiffany’s, and all the other big names are here too.

A modern style park in Yorkville.  I like the X walkway.

It looks like Yorkville still has some high end stuff going on, but it also seems a bit seedy.  It’s certainly not what it used to be.  A lot of the older buildings like those above seem to have been torn down, to be replaced by the ubiquitous luxury condo.

Kensington Market is a very funky and artistic neighbourhood, which really hasn’t changed much in the 40 years I’ve been going there.   There were a few of these monsters made from bits of metal around the neighbourhood.

A garden growing out of an old car.  They could have put in flowers instead of rangey weeds.

It was a wet day.

The inside of one of my favourite shops, which has been there for decades, Courage My Love.


And since this is Kingston Cam, not Toronto Cam, here are four pictures that I took today.   The weather has improved greatly.

There are plans for a building to be put in behind where I am standing.   I don’t know what height is being proposed.

Wellington and West, looking into City Park.

Bagot at Gore.



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