Around Sydenham

Today we finish my photos from Sunday and go up around Stagecoach and Rutledge Roads.   I saw that the bridal spireas were out and wanted to see that stretch along Stagecoach with the beautiful split rail fence with spirea flowing over it.   They weren’t out yet, probably because they are in sort of a shady location.   In a couple of weeks I’ll go back.

There were lots of lilacs though–especially around the intersection with Railton Road.  Lilac season is so spectacular, but in town they are already fading fast.   One house had a driveway lined on either side with lilacs.  Fabulous!

I believe this is wild mustard.

This is the Grace Center, housing the South Frontenac Community Center.  I wish they would trim out some of the bushes to the left of the picture, because they are on the edge of a big valley and would have a terrific view.  I like to stop here now and again on the off chance that I can get a glimpse of that view, but too many bushes in the way.

I did stop in Sydenham.  I had a turtle adventure.  Right in the center of town, near the Foodland, a smallish snapper was trying to cross the main street.  Some boys with a hockey stick were trying to keep her from going out further into the road, but were afraid to pick her up.  I put her in the water, and showed them how to pick her up safely (she was riled after being pushed around with a hockey stick!), as I was shown at the Sandy Pines Wildlife Center.   I hope she didn’t climb out of the water and try to cross again later.   I would have taken her farther, but she was mad, and hard to hold on to, and ferociously trying to take my arm off!

Across the street from the Grace Center.

A sheep farm on Rutledge Road.

This one was taken yesterday, yet another rainy day, as was today.  This is the big valley between Sydenham and Harrowsmith.  I had to go up there again to check out the Silverbrook Garden Center.   The Grace Center would be over there on the horizon, to the right of the road.

Please watch for turtles when driving.


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