A Little Drive Around Town After Work

Folks having a meal and/or beverage in front of the Queen’s Inn on Brock Street.   The Inn is one of the oldest in Canada, having opened in 1839.

This place on Earl Street is looking great!  They have taken the stucco off and exposed the original stone.   Below is the Streetview picture of how it looked before.

This little statue was stolen several months ago and later found in a scrap yard.  It’s back!

Construction still going on at Queens–Union and Division Streets.

Two shots of Alwington Place.

I must have seen this little house before, but, maybe because it has been painted my favourite colour of yellow, it really caught my eye tonight.

Things have dried out a bit and warmed up.  I was finally able to get my plants into the ground.   Leaves are growing again, the may flies are returning, and I was told today that the blackflies north of town are in horrendous numbers.


I think I should acknowledge the victims of a terrible crash on the 401 near Joyceville Road that occurred yesterday.  Seven vehicles were involved and four people in a car were killed and others were critically injured.   One of the transport drivers was arrested at the scene.  What a tragic event.



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