Going on a Holiday Westport to Perth


Plates of fungus.

Regular readers will probably know by now how I like to have an adventure.  I like to see what is over the next hill and go down roads I have never been on before.  That’s what I was doing here.   I saw a road on my map that I thought would take me a different way in Perth.  When I turned on to the road, there was a big sign saying “THIS IS NOT A THROUGH ROAD”, but it didn’t say No Exit eh?   So I headed on down.  I came to a house where there was a sign “Not Winter Maintained Beyond This Point”, but I’d been on roads that said that before and they were fine.  I kept going.  The road was pretty rough, but I kept on going.  Got to a big mud puddle that I could have gotten stuck in.   Kept on going.  Came to three more big mud puddles that I could have gotten stuck in.   Mud was splashing up to the windows.  I have no phone.  I kept thinking that it must be close to the other end but the road was getting worse and worse.   I finally had to call it a day and head back through the mud puddles, meanwhile thinking that I was probably 100 yds from the other end.  I’ll never know.  That’s one of the stupider things I’ve ever done.   The first place I went when I got to Ottawa was the car wash.  Decent people would not have allowed me in their driveway.  Lol.  I hope I didn’t do anything diabolical to the bottom of my long suffering little car.

Back to the split rail fences.



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