Going on a Holiday Kingston to Westport

The last week was so busy–no time to take pictures.  Part of what I was doing was getting ready to go away for a few days over Easter.   This morning boasted a glorious blue, crisp and sunny sky, singing birds and vibrant colours.  Absolutely gorgeous!   I headed north towards Ottawa, via Perth.

This is the new Inverary Store.  It was open today, and very busy again.  I’ll have to take a look inside next time and see what is so enticing.

Lots of people were enjoying the water at Loughborough Lake.  A couple of sea-doos pulled up while I was there and a man and his daughter were out fishing.

The Brooks Landing Senior’s Home looks over this little body of water.  Very pleasant place to spend your old age.

These people at Buck Lake haven’t got their colourful chairs out on the dock yet.

The next lake along the road is Devil Lake.

It’s a small world!

A cute dog grooming shop in Westport.

Westport–Rideau Street.


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