It was a dull, drizzly day today, but the warmer temperatures are here now and forecasted to stay for the foreseeable future.   I went to the Glenburnie Grocery store to get some food, and then went for a drive along Moreland Dixon road and Washburn Road.


Along Moreland Dixon Road.

An ex-church, now home, in Sunbury.


I stopped at Lower Brewer’s Mills, which is usually good for birds in the winter.  There were some buffleheads there, and a type of duck that I can’t identify.   (Not close enough to get a picture)  Then these flew over, and took me by surprise, but they were obliging enough to fly around the lake one more time.  My zoom and action photography skills are not what they could be, so this is the best I could do.

I decided to stop by Kingston Mills, to see how the new bridge was doing.  It’s not wood anymore, but they certainly haven’t widened it.  Looks like it will still be a while yet.

This little house is tucked back in the woods, overlooking the Kingston Mills waterfall.

While heading back to the car, these went over.  At first I thought they were more geese, because the Canada Geese were on the move big time today, but they were more swans.  These ones were honking.  I hadn’t seen flying, honking swans since I lived in Chilliwack.  How absolutely wonderful!

I took myself to lunch afterwards at Pan Chancho.  I love their frites!

Not bad for a dull drizzly day.


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