A Small Walk Downtown

I went downtown to have a little walk and then I was going to go over around Sydenham District and take some photos, but I ended up buying something heavy on Princess Street, so just headed back up Brock and home.

This used to be a Starbucks.   I’m not sure if this is a local business, but I’ve never heard of another Balzac’s, so maybe it is.  I like the lettering on the windows.

Interesting little clock at James Reid’s.

Petting dogs outside the Antique Emporium.   This is a very nice home décor shop, but back in olden times, it was Joe and Paul’s, the only place in town to get jeans if you were cool.  I did get jeans there once or twice, but they never made me cool.

Hotel Dieu Hospital, or as locals call it “The Doo.”

As I was walking past here, a big chunk of ice and snow slid off the roof.  Surprise!

Elizabeth Cottage and the lawyer’s building next door.


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