A Crisp Sunny Day in Gan

Just on the spur of the moment, I decided to enjoy the sunshine and take a little trip to Gananoque.  I just love Gan.   A woman with whom I work has lived here all her life and has never been to Gananoque.  That is just a shame.

This is a house that is at the corner near where I lived.  I was going to take this one, and then show you one of the house after the big ice storm we had, but I would have to go looking through my picture CDs to find it.  I’m thinking that, in a couple of days, I might post some pictures of that winter of 2013-14, before I started doing the blog.

This house has had a lot of work done on it over the last couple of years.  Look at that balcony!  Spectacular!

This building and the clock look like they are attached, but they aren’t even close.  The building is apartments  now.

Stone Street.

The Gananoque Inn.

Just down from the Gananoque Inn, this enjoyable spot.

Along the waterfront.  This used to be a big boatyard, but it has all been torn down and is going to be (what else?)  luxury condos.   The brick building in the distance is the 1000 Island Playhouse, a theatre with a great reputation in the area.

I think this is my second favourite colour for a house after yellow.  Cute place.

I love colour…but…   I think this place has had a re-paint since I noticed it last.  I think, if I remember rightly, that it is more consistently coloured now, which is an improvement.

More Gananoque tomorrow–ducks–lots of ducks!!


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