Made Glorious Winter by this Sun of Kingston

Just four pictures today.  This one I took out of my window.  Being in the basement, I have bars on the windows.  The snow had slid off and was hanging in a perfect ribbon, pierced in the middle by a dead weed.  It was so delicate and miraculous.  An hour later, it was gone.

The park below Rideaucrest.  I have to say that the view we get from there has to be one of the best in Kingston.

I’ve always liked the houses around Wright Crescent.  I think these kind of townhouses are quite charming–each a little different than the one next door, but still harmonious.

I like them much better than these newer ones next door, with their garages as main focus.

Wright Crescent will be getting a shock to the system eventually though.   There is an ex-convent on the corner of Wright and Palace Road, on a large lot.  It has been sitting empty for some time now, but it is to be torn down and (I think) three taller buildings put in it’s place.

As you can see, it was a glorious sunny day in K-Town.  It was milder than it has been and the snow was melting at a good rate.   What makes me sad is the great piles that accumulate around parking lots.  They were almost gone.  Now they’re back.  Oh well–won’t be long now.

I went to the downtown Metro grocery store tonight, and when the cashier asked how I was, I answered “Too old to be in here.”  The place was packed, but no one was over 25.  Apparently students have arrived in Kingston from hundreds of miles around to party on St. Patrick’s Day, coz Queen’s has this party reputation.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid!


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