Spring’s Not Here Yet

After driving around downtown, I headed west to the Calvin Park Library.  This is the new building at University and William.  It’s coming along now.

A duplex on Brock Street.  There are plans to build tons of new Queen’s Housing around the area, and I am hoping that once more is built, maybe old homes like this can be returned to permanent locals.  It is a lovely home, but you can see a general air of neglect about it, which is sad.

I like this little home for sale on Park Street.  If I was in the market for a home, I would definitely check it out.

The “Y”, Wright Avenue.

My first Kingston robin of the season.

Sir John A. Macdonald Blvd., looking towards Bath Road, with the back of LCVI on the left.

This is what the Patrick Street hill looks like today.  Although it snowed all night and day, it actually wasn’t very much–just a lot of dramatic blowing around.  However, looking out the window now, it looks like it is coming down more seriously now, and it is supposed to snow all day tomorrow, although not a huge amount.   Although it will be milder by Thursday, the weather forecast says that after a winter of mild temperatures, below average temps will last until the end of the month.  Winter is not giving up without a struggle.


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