More Travels From Last Week

There is a whole subdivision out Davidson Road that I didn’t know about.

Wispy clouds, last Sunday.

The next day I took a little drive out Highway 2.  I think this house has had a paint job, although I would have to check it against old pictures.  Looks like it’s grey.  No surprise there then.

A new building has gone up on the base, but I have no idea what it will be.   Hwy. 2 is behind it in this picture.

I went out Hwy. 2 to Middle Road to see Tiny Filthy Donkey, who lives with the cows.

Eastview.   I was treated to another wonderful sound on this trip–the red winged blackbirds have returned!   They’ll be freezing their little red wings off this week though.

Spotted at the Kingston Center.   They all move in the sunshine.  There were more on the front dash too.


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