Ready, Set…

It was another splendid summer day in K-Town today–not too hot.   I only have four pictures today.  I thought I had another one, but now I remember, I went to take the photo and I had no photo card in.  Sigh.

Kingston is the Center of the Canadian Universe this weekend, with the last Tragically Hip concert, taking place in the hometown.  For anyone who doesn’t know, in some far flung place in the world, The Tragically Hip is a local band who came on the scene 30 odd years ago and made it very big.  Several months ago, the lead singer, Gord Downie was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.   They decided to do their last tour, with a final show in their hometown.   They are playing at the K-ROC center and then there is a big screen at market square, where folks can watch for free.   This is a BIG deal and the town is a-buzz.   The hotels are all full and the downtown is packed!

Here is an interview with the mayor–Bryan Paterson.

Not only is this going on, but the Poker Run is going on as well.  I’m not exactly sure what goes on with that, but it involves big, fast boats.



Big muscle boats need big muscle trucks to pull them.   The trucks and trailers are mostly in City Park.   I could see some of the boats zipping around the lake from my client’s room in the hospital.


Looking up West Street from Bagot.


This pretty little house is on Harvey Street, an industrial area just off Elliot Avenue.

Tomorrow I will head down to see what is happening in market square.  I will not be staying for the whole show though.   It’s going to be too crazy.   I’ll take a few photos!


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