John F. Scott and Station Roads

I think I am going to leave it at these five shots today, and we will head to Howe Island tomorrow.   I am trying to get out and take advantage of the splendid weather.   My weekend is going very well weather wise–but Friday, Saturday and Sunday are supposed to rain, according to the weather network.  Today was quite warm, which was wonderful, and tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer, but in general we are still running lower than seasonal.   It is quite annoying to me that Vancouver has been having summer since April.   It’s just not right.   They are supposed to phone and jeer at us in February when the flowers are coming up, and then we reciprocate when we are enjoying summer in May and they are still languishing at 12 degrees and rain into July. Summer in April never happened when I lived there–grumble grumble, whine whine.


An ornate garden with a fountain, gazebo and bridge along John F. Scott Road (or possibly Middle Road–I can’t remember for sure).   According to their mailbox, the residents are in the decorating business.



Two shots of some charming horses I met.   The one in the foreground was friendly, and the prettiest, but low on the totem pole.  The others would chase her away when she wanted attention.  The one below was the most gregarious.   He LOVED have his nose wiggled and rubbed–quite funny.



I don’t know what these bushes are but they are blooming now.   They have a delicate scent.

Tonight I went to a meeting about our Vision for Kingston.   Tim Soper has made up some models showing what the proposed 20+ storey buildings downtown would look like in relation to the present skyline.   He also had these pictures of what the two lower ones would look like from Market Square.


Here is a cute video from our own hometown.



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