City and Country

Another beautiful day in K-Town.  I was able to have my first Harvey’s picnic at Churchill Park–not actually in the park–a little too chilly, but in the car next to the park, with a window open.  🙂  We’re almost there.   The gardens are just dirt right now, but soon they will be full of colour, with the best floral display in Kingston.



A nicely kept little house on Regent Street.

Afterwards I went for a quick drive north of the city.


A pleasing view from Shepherd Avenue, in the Rosedale Estates, off Unity Road, looking west towards Sydenham Road.


Countryside Drive, north of Unity Road.

Only these few pictures today.   On the way home I noticed a new subdivision going in on Hwy. 15, on the river side, north of Gore Road–new retail and houses.  The ground is being dug up now.

The next few days are supposed to be kind of messy–mixed precipitation and general yuck.   I’m supposed to go to Picton on Thursday, but that is forecasted to be the worst day of the week.  But spring can’t be stopped, and if there is a bit of snow, it won’t be around for long.



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