Grey Frozen Days

There are two reasons that I haven’t posted in a while.  I am getting more work hours, and my computer has been rejecting my picture card.   It has been doing that on and off for a while.  Once the days are longer (which is coming very soon), I can get out some evenings, but until then, it may be intermittent.

Actually there is a third reason that I haven’t posted as many pictures.  In this part of Canada, and I mean all of Canada except the strip along the west coast, this time of year is not the most attractive.  Snow is half melted and brown, everything is beige and grey, streets are covered in salt and sand and slush.  But this too shall pass, and until then I shall endeavour to find some beauty.

The first picture was probably taken last Monday on a sunny walk across City Park.  I had never noticed this sign before.  I have no idea where this observatory might have been, but I think it is wonderful that we had one.


For those who are interested in stars, here is a link:

Last year, when I lived out in the country, there was no ambient light and the night skies were amazing.  I had no idea how much light came from a full moon, until I saw it shining across the valley with no other light as competition.

The next pictures were taken on Thursday, the day after we had quite a vile day of snow, freezing rain, torrential rain and more snow and freezing rain.   It was a day off and I did not go out.  When I did emerge the next day, I was disappointed to find that the rain had hardly made a dent in the snow that was left.


A sloppy mess at Bagot and Raglan.


A dreary view from Rideaucrest.


City Park at Bagot and Barrie.  Snow.

Now the sloppy mess has frozen over, making walking difficult, but it is supposed to be mild the next few days.  I have heard many people, including myself,  say that they are eager for spring now, even though it hasn’t been that bad a winter.   Someday we will all come out of hibernation, blinking our eyes and admiring the green shoots…


Meanwhile, on these dark evenings, why not spend a few hours getting lost in the Vintage Kingston Facebook site?



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