Grey, Melty Days

After the big snowstorm of last week, the mild weather has returned and at least half of that snow is now a thing of the past.  Rivers run down streets and if you pass a water drain, you can hear the water rushing through.   This coming week we are supposed to see mild-ish weather and bits of snow and some rain.  But February is nearly over.   I can’t believe it’s nearly over!

Only a few pictures today.  I have been busy, and melting, brown, dirty, patchy snow and glowering clouds are not all that attractive.   Bring on the spring!


A walk through City Park.  The Court House and St. Mary’s.


Looking towards West St.


Toppers on the Prince George Hotel and City Hall.

For those connected with Kingston, who are living away and don’t hear so much about what’s going on, there is a big conversation right now about whether to allow at least three 20 storey buildings downtown, one on the Queen St. side of the Capitol Theatre site, and how we want our city to evolve.   You will not hear me utter an opinion here, but I just thought I would throw it out there.


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