Maitland Street

Just a few pictures today, on pretty Maitland Street, that runs from City Park, down to the Yacht Club.


I believe one of my teachers lived in here at one time.   This is the former stable yard to the big house.


The big house.


The back of the big cream and green house that faces King Street.  Looks like a fabulous place to live.  There is a big stained glass window hanging in the middle.


Lots of lovely stone here, with the Simcoe Apartments in the background.


The boats probably didn’t have to go bye bye this winter, because the water is all open.   We have a couple of very chilly days coming up, but then it’s right back to the mild weather again.


You can’t really see it in the picture but the sun is up in the left hand corner–a little pale ball of lightness.


Wow, this would be a great spot to live.  I have always admired this little compound of homes across from the Yacht Club.  They all used to be stuccoed white, like the one in the middle, but they have mostly been done over now.   Beautiful!

Not many pictures today, but I do have a couple of extra items:

For anyone who went to QECVI, there is going to be a farewell get together on Saturday, June 11th, before they close the school and bulldoze it.   😦

This week there was repeat show on Stuart McLean’s Vinyl Café, from the Grand Theatre in Kingston Ontario!   He stated that he thought Kingston is the most quintessentially Canadian city.  Here is a link to the podcast if you want to listen to his reasoning.

Not sure if I’ll be out taking pictures tomorrow.  It’s going to be mighty cold!








3 thoughts on “Maitland Street

  1. I love your blog and always look forward to it. I live around Chaffeys Locks but commute to Kingston everyday to work downtown (2 years till freedom 55 -yes!). Anyway just wanted you to know that I love the pictures!

      • Yes it is a beautiful area we have lived here near Clear Lake for many years but I’m a Kingston girl originally. Perth road is nice too, country but not far from the city. You must have a lot of your time taken up by work and all the travel you do for your pictures!

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