I Did it Again

Today I went out for a drive out Taylor Kidd to the end, at Millhaven, and back along Hwy. 33 past Amherstview.  I stopped a couple of times by the water.   Why no pictures?   Because when I stopped to take the first photo, I realized that I had not just forgotten the card this time–I had forgotten the whole camera!    It really is hard to be me.

But anyway, I can tell you that it was a fabulous day in K-Town today.  The weather forecasters have been predicting all kinds of nasty snow-mix scenarios, but no more than a few flakes have hit us yet.   I looked at the forecast for Vancouver and it was six days of big round sunshines and running 5-7 degrees.  I was almost ready to be jealous, but we had our own big round sunshine and 7 degrees today, so not too shabby.

We also had a glorious yellow harvest moon as I was coming home.  Sadly, you will not see it here.

I’ll try to get my act together tomorrow.  It’s not supposed to be as nice, but you never know!


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