Before and Afters

I have been confined to barracks for the last few days due to a rotten cold.   However, I will live to take more photos of Kingston.  The weather is getting colder.   It’s supposed to go down to 0 on the weekend and some areas are supposed to get snow, but I think (and hope) that that is west of here.

Here are two pictures I took tonight.   It was about 6:20 but already fairly dark.

Coming down the hill into Kingston, on Division St.


I’ve taken some photos of houses that are having a facelift.   Sometimes I can get a view of how they used to look from Google Streetview.

Chatham St.

Elm and Chatham.   I posted a picture of guys working on it a few months ago.

Pine St.

Pine St, near Alfred.   This one hasn’t come along much yet, but I have a feeling that it is going to look great.

Pine St. 2

This is the corner of Pine and St. Catherine’s St.   I went down St. Catherine’s St. for what must have been the first time in my life.  It’s just a little one block dead end street, but I am sure that I never went down it.

The end of St. Catherine’s looks over the back of Frontenac School.

Scary Halloween stuff!

Now that my health is coming back, more photos should be appearing as well.   Both brick and stone look incredible with fall colours.


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