Likes and Dislikes

Today is a day off and I was doing a lot of running around.  I noticed during my grocery shopping that there was fantastic lighting, with sun shining golden on buildings, while a huge black cloud glowered behind.  The sunset was stunning.  I did not have my camera.   But last night I made up some lists…

Things I like about being back in Kingston:

  1.  Live music, at reasonable hours.
  2.   Cicadas and crickets.
  3.  Three degrees of separation.   Everyone I meet knows  other people I   know.
  4. Church and City Hall bells.
  5. The nearness of the country–five minutes you’re there.
  6. Stone and the old architecture.
  7. History–local, Canadian and my own.
  8.  Being surrounded by beautiful little towns and being close to Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal.
  9. Hearing the singing bridge.
  10.  Glenburnie Grocery and Kilborn’s store in Newboro.  Cooke’s Fine Foods.
  11. Feeling more personally involved in my town.
  12.   My friends–old and new.

Things I miss about Vancouver:

  1. My friends and old co-op, of course.
  2. Awesome bike infrastructure, including the seawall.
  3. Good ethnic food.
  4. Huge Pride weekend.
  5. Mountains
  6. Stanley Park.  My home away from home in the big city.  I was very lucky.
  7. Produce shops with flowers outside them.
  8. Community centers in each neighbourhood.
  9. No mosquitoes.

Things I don’t miss about Vancouver:

  1. The Robson bus continually being re-routed and wandering around downtown looking for my bus.
  2. The words “world class” and “urban’.
  3. Conspicuous consumption–i.e.  100 ft. yachts with helicopters on top.

Thing that I would most like to see improved about my hometown:

Bike paths, bike paths, bike paths!!!!


BTW, I found this video a while back and have never shared it with you.  It’s great!





2 thoughts on “Likes and Dislikes

  1. Your Dislikes !!!!! 100ft Yacht with helicopter pad !!! Whats wrong with them?

    I am preparing now to get my yacht with a Helicopter Pad because I am getting involved in establishing a Global helicopter company and decided I should have a bigger yacht so one of my helicopters can travel around with me (smile). Makes it easier to get ashore !!!

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