After Work–My Commute and Grocery Shopping


These are shy guys.  You hear them but you don’t often see them.   I love living where cardinals live.  They are so pretty.



I took these two pictures while sitting behind the Landmark apartments on Ontario St.   Above, a delightful summer scene.  Below, a breakwater, a cruise boat and a ferry.   There is a big stink going on about the ferry.  The Wolfe Islander III has gone to Hamilton for inspection and repairs.  It was supposed to be back before the summer.  Then it was supposed to be back by Sept. 1.   Now it is delayed indefinitely.   The ferry filling in is from Amherst Island and holds 22 fewer cars than the Wolfe Islander.   One of the Glenora ferries is working the Amherst Island route and Glenora is down to one ferry, so this is causing inconvenience right down the line.   Businesses on Wolfe Island have suffered this summer and people are getting riled and demanding satisfaction.   Stay tuned!


Some of the old cobbles still showing, next to Confederation Park.


Aha!  That’s what this place is.   There’ll be no problem finding it!   Wear your sunglasses!   That’s good though.  I don’t think there are any other big thrift stores in the North End.   I can’t even think of any small ones.


Across from the thrift shop, Day Street.


The sunset behind the No Frills.   I wanted to catch it when that cloud was across it, but by the time I was positioned, it had sunk that much.


4 thoughts on “After Work–My Commute and Grocery Shopping

  1. Karen,A fabulous bunch of shots. You are making me start to look a tiny bit forward to having to give up paradise here at the lake and possibly move to Kingston, possibly downtown, NOT in suburbia! cheers, Joan

    Date: Tue, 1 Sep 2015 02:18:33 +0000 To:

  2. Hi Karen love, great shots! You know one place that I used to go down to, to watch the beautiful sunset on the shore, was a little park at the end of Lakeshore Blvd. called Everitt Point Park. You could get the most panoramic view of the sunset over the lake ever in a pretty little setting on the limestone shelf shore.

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