An Evening Walk in Search of Music


Graham’s flowers.


I love this little house up the street from me.  Real alternative livers.  I like their style.


Three kinds of tomatoes in their garden.  Heritage plants?   I love heritage tomatoes, and my own tomatoes came out small and hard.   I think I should make friends with these people.   🙂


This is at the corner house I have showed you a couple of times, at Patrick and Raglan, where the whole yard is garden.  The landscaper is hiring themselves out.


Here is the ivy covered house at Barrie and Colborne.  I don’t think I had a good shot of the whole thing last time.


It’s the Limestone Blues Festival this weekend.  I heard music at my place, and I thought that it must be coming from Skeleton Park, but it was actually 8 blocks away!   This was as close as I could get, because I didn’t take any money with me and tickets were $15.   The music sure sounded good though.


Phase 2 is ready for the onslaught of Queen’s students.  Kilts, hard hats, coloured hair spray and face paint, plus other Queen’s memorabilia.


This is kind of fuzzy, but it is a nice shot of Princess St. at dusk.  I actually took it because the moon was looking beautiful-a light peach colour.   This photo doesn’t do it justice.


It’s getting dark in Skeleton Park.  Ooooooo00000.     There was a very interesting photo on the Vintage Kingston Facebook page yesterday.   It shows the park with bodies being exhumed, with little kids standing next to coffins etc.    I guess they gave up on that idea.  The comments are fascinating as well.  Apparently there are about 10,000 bodies in the park and under the surrounding roads and even houses.   They are buried shallowly, because of the limestone barrier underneath.

On that cheery note, I shall leave you.   I went out to the country today but I only took one picture because the evening was dull.   So I have no idea what you’ll get tomorrow.  I might go in search of more Blues Fest, and this time take some cash with me.


2 thoughts on “An Evening Walk in Search of Music

  1. That’s really eerie about the 10,000 bodies under Skelton Park… Why are they all in unmarked graves or were their graves just disregarded? Runs chills up and down my spine – not because of the presence of the old bones but because of the possible disrespect for the dead. How could that many be forgotten or is this a prehistoric gravesite? How do you know about the bodies? Sounds like a story under all this.

  2. Did you take a look at the link Joan, and the comments at the side? They are very informative. There is a sign in Skeleton Park saying that it was a former cemetery. I think there were some mass graves of people from epidemics, like the Irish from cholera. I’d have to go and read about it again.

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