Scenes Around the Center of Town

More pictures from a few days ago.  These are the steps at the Court House.  Because of Kingston’s status as a penal center, some very bad characters have gone down them, usually in handcuffs, and possibly shackles.

An update from a few months ago.  This house on William St. still has it’s permanent Apartment For Rent sign.

The infamous Aberdeen Street lies quietly waiting for the student party season to arrive.  Not long now!

Stooley’s Café, and on the other corner, a Starbucks where the Board of Education offices used to be.  Those are now out on Portsmouth Ave.

These are behind the Burger King at Princess and Division.  What is with luxury apartments for students?  Since when can students afford luxury?   That huge student complex at Victoria and Princess is luxury as well.   (To be fair, these ones don’t say student, but this is student location.  The Victoria ones are for students).

This building at Division and Princess is looking kind of sad and seedy.  The laundromat is closed down.  I’m not sure if the Fluid nightclub is still open or not.  In my day this was Lino’s restaurant, itself no class joint.  Then an Italian restaurant called Gusto built the Tuscan tower on top.  Might be time to flatten the place and build something nice.

I had to ask what these big fat tires were for in the bike shop.  They are snow tires.  I never saw them in Vancouver.

Kingscourt and Hillcrest, looking up towards QECVI.

This house on Hillcrest had a very nice reno in the last three years.  You can’t really see the stone walkways in this picture, but they are beautiful.


Our Lady of Fatima Church, set back from Division St., which mostly tends to the spiritual needs of the Portuguese community, as far as I know.    I want to find out about a parade that happens around this time of year.   I think it may be the Senhoro Santa Cristo Dos Milagres.  It goes down Division St., up Guy and Carleton streets and back to the church and is very colourful.   If I can, I will try to get some pictures.

And speaking of Catholic, here is Regiopolis Catholic High School.


4 thoughts on “Scenes Around the Center of Town

  1. The sixth photo down, starting with the text “This building at Division and Princess …” used to be the Anderson building. My grandfather worked as a butcher in the wholesale distributor business in the back of it; they also had a smoke house out back for any meats that farmers brought in and wanted smoked.

    This was at the time of Lino’s restaurant occupying the corner on Princess St.: there also was a copy shop (I’m guessing for Queens students and local business) and the laundromat. And apartments upstairs, if I remember correctly.

    The building looked kind of rough in the late ’70’s, and I guess it has not aged gracefully as some buildings have in Kingston.

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