Queen Elizabeth Collegiate and Vocational Institute

Yesterday a friend who works at QECVI took me on a tour of the school because I said I would like to take some pictures for my blog.  I thought it would be best to take them when the students were gone, so I wouldn’t be taking pictures of students, but at the same time, the school is in the middle of being cleaned and tables are gone etc.  But it was kind of fun to see my old school again after a few decades.   We could get into some of the rooms, and others were locked–like the office.


Anyone get sent to the office?


The lockers are actually white and red.   These are opened up to show that they have been cleaned.  The ones upstairs had not been cleaned and there was quite the mess.






OK, I’m having spacer problems again so…

Room with beige square in the middle–is, I think, the room where I had Latin with Mrs. Bowen.   The room with the long desk in the middle is the literacy room for kids who have literacy problems.    The room with the small brown desk in the middle used to be my typing room.  I sure am glad that I learned typing.  My father recommended it.  He said it was a very useful thing to learn…and now look–I’m typing!  Everyone’s typing!   Except now it’s called keyboarding.

The next two pictures with the yellow walls, are of the cafeteria.  My friends says the cafeteria is hardly used at all any more.  Kids have their lunches in the rooms or in the halls–wherever they feel like having their lunch.   In my day the cafeteria was packed!


This is where students who don’t get breakfast at home can get something.  For those who don’t know Kingston, or QE, and I know that there are a few looking at this…QE is on the wrong side of the tracks.    It never got much funding and no one ever cared a whole lot about it.   Kids who live in the acres and acres of public housing that was stuffed into that area, go to QE.   The wealthier kids went to other schools.   My Grade 9 English teacher was embarrassed because there was only one novel for the Grade 9s and it was so old that a student had opened the cover to sign it out for the year and found her mother’s signature in it.   I saw a segment on the news one time–I think it was in BC.  This school had raised money to get themselves an automatic scoreboard for their football games, because up til then they had had to change the scores by hand.  To this day, QE has no scoreboard at all!   Now the powers that be have decided that two out of three schools in Kingston are going to be closed and they have decided on KCVI and QE.  There will be a new school built to house both sets of students, maybe on the QE site, maybe at the Memorial Center, maybe somewhere else.   I can’t say that I am broken up about my old school closing down.  I was never too attached to it.

Below:  Some of the head boys and girls from my time.   I ran into one of them in Vancouver.  We were both living there.    More QE tomorrow, including a list of the smart kids…and I’m not on it!!    😦



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