East On Highway 2: Brockville to Prescott

Look what’s blooming in the woods!

Trilliums–our provincial flower.

Homewood Museum, between Brockville and Prescott.  This is what their website says:  “Visit one of the oldest houses in Ontario. Built in 1799-1800, this grand two-storey stone house reflects the aspirations and accomplishments of the Jones family, Loyalists who arrived in eastern Ontario in 1784. Take an informative guided tour and witness period rooms with original furnishings – from textiles and photographs to porcelain and furniture.”


A fun house in the same area.

In someone’s front yard.



The main street of Prescott, Ontario.

Quite an attractive set of apartments built on to the back of a stone building which faces the main street of Prescott.  These apartments overlook the St. Lawrence River and there is a walkway along the river.

Fort Wellington, Prescott.

Quite a jolly house on Windmill Lane near Prescott.

This is the site of the Battle of the Windmill.  I include the story below.  My father wrote a book about the battle many years ago, although it was never published.  The Battle took place just after the small rebellions in Upper and Lower Canadas in the 1830s.  The leaders fled to the States and whipped up sympathy for their cause, and not for the last time, the Americans went off half cocked and misinformed to liberate a people.  Imagine their surprise when they found that the British (for that’s what Canadians were at that time) fought off an invading force!  The American leaders disappeared and left the liberator/invaders in the hands of a Swedish immigrant, Nils von Schoultz.  Schoultz was a good man and had honestly believed that he was helping, but tragically, after being holed up in this windmill, he and his cohorts were captured and taken to Kingston, where they were defended by the young John. A. MacDonald.  Schoultz was hung at Fort Henry.   The Windmill is open to the public from June to September.




Lots more history to come this week…


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