A Walk Down Clarence Street

My schedule is getting a bit busier, so I haven’t had a chance to get around and take a lot of photos.  The days are also, alas, getting shorter, so that limits my chances for photos as well.  But anyway, I did go for a walk from the post office down to Ontario St. late yesterday afternoon and took these photos.


When I lived in Kingston before, I didn’t have a car, so this is a familiar sight to me.  I should really get on some buses and ride around and see how they do, but from what I have seen, the bus system seems to have improved immensely since those bad old days when it took an hour to get from Conacher Drive to the Shopping Center.  There are lots of express routes now.   I have to say that the building just beyond the parking lot is pretty homely.

Who remembers the old library?  I still call the new library the “new library”, even though it must be 30 years old now.  This is now owned by the hospital and is the Murray Building, department of some sort of “ology”, but the sign has lost half its letters.


The development at Brock and Wellington is coming along.


This has always been an attractive corner, at Clarence and Wellington.  I remember when Michael Fagin had his cigar shop nearby.  He was a character.  Don’t know if he is still around town.


At the side of St. George’s Cathedral.   To the left is, I believe, Boucher Park.


This is part of the Prince George Hotel, from Clarence Street, and poking above it is the City Hall weather vane.


I’m not sure if this is ever used, but it is parked out in front of the Brew Pub.  It says “Kingston Brewing Company–Home of the Dragon’s Breath Ale.”  Not sure if I want to try that.  Sounds pretty potent!


All the patios have been packed up and leaves blow down the street.  Not many customers at the mio gelato.  I guess summer is over.   😦


Kingston-YMCA where Fanatics is Barrie and Princess

I don’t think I have posted this before.  If I have, I apologize.  This is something I found on Fran’s blog, kingstonspast@wordpress.co   The building on top is at the corner of Barrie and Princess.  I think it used to be a bank.  It has been Fanatics Sports Lounge and now it is going to be a Boston Pizza.  But the building below is what used to be there.  It was the YMCA.  If you had your druthers, which would you pick?  That block above Barrie St. has really seen some architectural bloopers go in, which is too bad.

I also don’t know if I have posted about the Vintage Kingston Facebook page.  It is quite addictive once you start looking at it.   The administrators welcome photos from everyone and there is quite a collection on there.  I have put a few things on there myself, including a CKLC Boss 40 chart from about 1969 and a postcard of Lino’s Restaurant.  Check it out, but make sure you put aside some time.


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