This Sounds Like Me!

I recently discovered this quote that pretty much describes me…

Not all who wander are lost.

–JRR Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring.


I am hoping this blog will be an enjoyable journey to the sights and delights of Eastern Ontario, especially my hometown of Kingston.  It is for those who are homesick, those who have visited and loved it and those who are lucky enough to be here.   I lived in Vancouver for 25 years and I did miss Kingston, and would have liked something like this to look at.   I will add photos from outside the area now and again but in general I will stick to Eastern Ontario and I will usually focus on Kingston and immediate area.   I hope you will love my hometown.


Road Trip to Napanee 2

I love the stonework on this beautiful big house.

Not much progress on the Gibbard development since I was last here.

Looking up the Napanee River.

Nice spot to have a sheltered moment…until a train goes overhead and makes you jump out of your skin!

Mills seem to have been numerous in this area. We saw the one at Bur Brook Road a few days ago and they will figure in my coming photos in Lonsdale and Forest Mills.

The beginning of the path that goes along the river.

There is some new artwork along the path–a very attractive addition. I especially like the top one, with the way he used the boards to design his work.

More tomorrow.

Road Trip to Napanee

Yesterday I had to go to Napanee for a couple of things, so I decided to make a road trip of it and visit some more favourite spots on the way back. But first, four pretty cloud scenes from Kingston.

Looking up Raglan Road–I think Thursday evening.

I had to stop by the Cataraqui Centre on Saturday and noticed these glorious, snow filled cloud formations. That is the Isabel Turner Library.

This one had a bit of sun dog around it. Beautiful.


Like Picton, Napanee has big spacious back yards.

East Street.

And across the street.

I thought this was the Town Hall, but I found another Town Hall later. This says Museum and Archives and it is also the County headquarters.

These little County Registy buildings are cute. I like the one we have next to the Courthouse in Kingston as well.

A beautiful porch with a cute kitty.

Lots more photos to come!

K&P Trail McIvor Road to Bur Brook Road

Winter sumacs.

There is an information sign about the mill that used to be here on Jackson Mills Road. A millrace was chopped out of the limestone to allow water to the mill. It runs under the trail and under the road and over to the mill, which is now a private home. The mill was so important to the neighbourhood around 1845 that when the K&P railway was built, it had to be built in such a way that it did not interrupt the mill operations. It runs north of the mill to Bur Brook road, which you will recognize as one of my favourite spots.

The trail entrance at Jackson Mills Road.

I was trying to figure out what the round formation on the left was. It was a circle about 6 inches across–too big and too round for any kind of shoe. Very mysterious. I think maybe aliens.

The trail greeter. I got to pet her.

I have a few more pictures from yesterday and today I am off to Napanee, so there will be plenty of pictures over the next week.

Winter Fun Under Sullen Skies

A Kingscourt man has built a whole snow entertainment centre in his front yard. There are two ice slides for kids and a throne to sit on. Kids are welcome to come and play on them and people and dogs are welcome to have their pictures taken on the throne. What a great neighbourly idea!

Toboganning near Portsmouth and Princess.

The Holiday Inn has had a makeover and is now blue!

The Wolfe Islander passes RMC. Work continues on the new dock for the new ferry.

I couldn’t get back quite far enough for a good panorama so I took two photos. These last four shots are taken from the end of the Crawford Dock at the bottom of Brock Street. The skies have been kind of sullen for most of the week but today is a bright and cheery day and I am about to go out for a country walk and tomorrow I plan to go to Napanee, so there will be some more pictures to come!

Last of the Picton Walk

Looking at Downes Street from Short Street. I always remember the old beagle who used to lie on the porch to the left, when I would pass by from school. 🙂

The octagonal house at Main and Henry Streets has had a paint job and a hedge put along the front. Nice.

Heading home on the Glenora Ferry.

A couple of wintry black and whites along South Shore Road. Money is being raised to restore the Hay Bay Church. It looks like they are about 2/3 of the way to their goal.

Ice fishers on Hay Bay.

That’s it for Picton! But I’ll be back there again soon, I hope.

More of my Picton Walk

A couple of views of the Regent Theatre. I’ve been able to go to two or three things there since I moved back. A wonderful little theatre!

The library, with John A MacDonald holding forth at the bar. (Legal or otherwise)

This used to be the Post Office but is now a Nautical Archive. When I was working with seniors in Vancouver, I was looking for a nautical article for a sea going resident and was surprised to find that they had a record of the article in Picton.

I was sad to notice that the artist’s co-operative gallery across from the Regent had closed down. I always visited there.

Apparently Gus’s is the local’s restaurant of choice. I have yet to try it out, because of course, I am a tourist.

This fine home has been beautifully renovated.

A Sunday Walk in Picton

Looking up Union Street from the Shire Hall. Not sure but I think the building with the small dome might be the Courthouse.

The Town Hill. Stuart McLean mentioned it once in his opening monologue about Picton. He talked about the Come From Aways sitting at the top of the Town Hill, wondering what to do. It’s a wonderful monologue and you can hear it here–Dave and the Elevator–Picton.

I liked the decorative branches around the door. Very attractive.

I like this old building at the top of Town Hill. It looks like it would have been a hotel at one time. I noticed when I looked at the photo that there is a plaque on the wall but I did not notice that when I was walking by. Maybe next time.

The Royal Hotel, which has been under construction for years, is finally looking like it’s nearly ready to go! They basically just kept the facade.

This is my favourite photo of the day.

I have one more day of photos from my day out in Picton. Meanwhile we have had more snow around Kingston. The piles are getting bigger. It’s been a pretty easy winter so far though, as winters go.

A Sunny Picton Walk

Some fine beauties. and another one that has decided to go all lugubrious. I’ll be glad when our obsession with all things black and grey goes the way of the Dodo, if I live long enough to see the day.

I liked the little poofs.

My old school. I remember when that schoolyard was not fenced in, but was open and had cows running around in it. They belonged to one of my teachers and had escaped from their field nearby. The building now sits empty, having been closed down a couple of years ago. I was talking to some locals about the plans for it, but they didn’t know of any.

A foreshortened view down Elizabeth Street, with the old Master Feeds, now condos I think, at the end.

Life’s a drag when you sit under the dripping eave.

And a couple more fine Picton homes.

More tomorrow.

Road Trip to Picton

I’ve been missing Picton, and now that we are in the Green, restriction wise, I decided to go and visit, in a distanced sort of way. I stayed away from indoor venues, ate at a drive thru and just walked around in the gorgeous sunshine. The temperatures were better than they had been and it was all quite wonderful. Good to see Picton again. I got enough photos to last most of the week–mostly of beautiful old homes.

A couple of picturesque outbuildings on the way into town. The mural is new.

A weird bank of clouds that just sat over Lake Ontario. It was there on my way home as well.

Looking over Picton Bay from a couple of locations.

Hill Street.

Picton had a bit more snow than we have here in Kingston.

Lots of charming gingerbread in this town.

I start out on my walk. Many of the yards in Picton are huge! I always thought it would great to get several of my friends together, get a big old house in Picton, with a massive yard to have a big garden and some chickens. Not likely to happen, but it’s a nice thought.

More from this walk tomorrow.

A Very Cold Walk

This week we are getting some of that cold weather from the prairies, making it too frosty for this ex Vancouverite wimp to want to go out much. We’re still not nearly as cold as Saskatoon though, thank goodness. I had a bit of time to kill between jobs last night so I went for a short and cold walk around Charles, John, Montreal, Thomas and Patrick Streets. First–some snowpeople. It hasn’t been good snowpeople building weather recently. The snow is not wet and sticky enough but these are fun efforts.

A couple of After and Befores from around Montreal and Charles Streets. Nice job on both! The brick one has been done by the same people who have built three beautiful new homes on James Street at Rideau.

A nice bit of art.

I like the old stone and shingle house in the middle, and there is the old Rideaucrest building. Now it is government offices, as far as I know.

Looking up Patrick Street from Thomas.