This Sounds Like Me!

I recently discovered this quote that pretty much describes me…

Not all who wander are lost.

–JRR Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring.



I am hoping this blog will be an enjoyable journey to the sights and delights of Eastern Ontario, especially my hometown of Kingston.  It is for those who are homesick, those who have visited and loved it and those who are lucky enough to be here.   I lived in Vancouver for 25 years and I did miss it, and would have liked something like this to look at.  Right now I live in the country north of Kingston so there will be a lot of country photos, and I will also add photos from outside the area now and again but in general I will stick to Eastern Ontario and I will usually focus on Kingston and immediate area.   I hope you will love my hometown.


Water Views

Portsmouth Village.

Down at the Wolfe Island Ferry dock is where the ducks are–looking for open water.   There was a Northern Pintail in here at one point, but I didn’t see him this time.  A couple of French Canadian birdwatchers were there and they said there were some long tailed ducks, which I think are quite interesting looking, but my binoculars weren’t strong enough to see them.

The view from Lake Ontario Park.

The new Providence Care hospital.  The parking lot on the lower one is where the brick buildings of the Kingston Psychiatric Hospital used to be.

You can’t see the water in these photos, but the hospital looks out over the Lake.

Fort Henry.   There isn’t a lot of snow left, but there was enough to tobaggon down the hill.

The temperatures are rising and this evening it is supposed to start pouring rain.   We are supposed to have a couple of good Vancouver style days, and that will wash away what’s left of the snow.   It would be fabulous to think it was an early spring, but that would just be wishful delirium.  You never know what to expect from March.

South on Perth Road

The title is misleading.  There are only two pictures taken from Perth Road in this blog.  This is close though.  I took a little detour along Scotch Line Road and back to Perth Road along Allan’s Mill Road, which is where I took these.  Interesting fence.  I don’t remember seeing one built that way before.

Beautiful Buck Lake.

This is from this morning.   It is a gorgeous mild sunny day.  I took this from the hospital and it looks up University Avenue, with all the hustle and bustle happening down there.


Feb Fest

I am away from Kingston for a few days, but before I left yesterday, I got these photos at Market Square.

Can anyone guess that this is Gord Downie?    I think he was probably more detailed when he was made but we had a melt.

Lovely smell of a wood fire.  What a nice idea.

Teaching Junior to skate.

There were also horse drawn wagon rides but I didn’t get a photo.

North of Richmond Road to the west of Ottawa.   Bleak, but subtly pretty.

Delightful Fluffy Snow

I took this one about three days ago.  This little cottage is on Gore Street and is being totally renovated.  It’s looking gorgeous.  I’ve always loved this place but it was definitely needing some TLC.

Three views from Rideaucrest of the neighbourhood and the delightful fluffy snow we have been getting.   😦

Elizabeth Cottage always looks charming, no matter what is going on weather wise.

Churchill Park.  No flowers.

The title of this post should be read with extreme sarcasm from the author, but I have to say, this morning was exquisite.  The sun was shining and the trees were glistening with frost.  I wished I could get out and take pictures but I had to work.  By the time I was off work, it was snowing again.  Three days of snow to come.   But we are more than a week into February now and it is staying light until about 5:30.  We’re making progress towards spring.