This Sounds Like Me!

I recently discovered this quote that pretty much describes me…

Not all who wander are lost.

–JRR Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring.



I am hoping this blog will be an enjoyable journey to the sights and delights of Eastern Ontario, especially my hometown of Kingston.  It is for those who are homesick, those who have visited and loved it and those who are lucky enough to be here.   I lived in Vancouver for 25 years and I did miss Kingston, and would have liked something like this to look at.   I will add photos from outside the area now and again but in general I will stick to Eastern Ontario and I will usually focus on Kingston and immediate area.   I hope you will love my hometown.


Creepy Skies

A cute little Banded Garden Snail.   There were two of them in this spot.

Shaggy Mane mushrooms growing in a yard.

It was a wild, wet and windy day.  A nearby tree lost most of its leaves in one blow.   But blue skies were on the way–or so I thought.

I hadn’t looked north.

You can see the darkness coming and the carpet of coloured leaves on the ground.

It got really, REALLY dark and creepy.  The clouds were very menacing, and I was thinking of tornadoes, but in the end, not much happened–just a bit of light rain.  It had rained most of the day, in sheets of horizontal wet.  But tomorrow the sun is supposed to come out.

Chipmunk Ridge Road Livestock

I think this first picture must have been along Chipmunk Ridge Road.

I noticed this field of little alpacas.  So cute!

Then I realized that I probably knew of one of these horses in behind.  A friend boards her horse here.  I had seen his picture and here he was in real life.

Someone came out of the house and I was instantly forgotten as everyone headed over to see if there was anything to eat on offer.

Really interesting lighting on the way home.


Calvin Park

I had a little bike ride today around Calvin Park.  Calvin Park was built in the 60s I think, and is now an established neighbourhood with tree lined streets.

One thing I love about Calvin Park is that there are all these cut through walkways.   Not everyone drives and wants to go the long way around.  This is the only neighbourhood that has these, for some reason.

This is Roden Park at Norman Rogers and Van Order Drives.  This was the expanse of grass that I saw in the spring, absolutely covered with yellow dandelions.   It was fantastic, but I was running late for work, so I figured I’d take a picture after I was done.  By the time I returned an hour later, it had been mowed!!

It seems to be a garden center for city crews.

The view towards Centennial Public School.

The colour for today is YELLOW!

Through the Bowling Green apartments and up Elmwood.

To the Kingston Center.

Fall colour at Loblaws.

I also had to do a trip to Burt’s Greenhouses today and did a side trip down Chipmunk Ridge Road, which always looks fantastic in the fall.  That’s where we will go tomorrow.


Heat Wave

We had some warm temperatures for the last three days.  Yesterday in particular was warm and beautiful, although clouds started rolling by the evening, when I took the pictures.  Today was cooler and cloudier but still very nice.  Tomorrow the cold comes back, which makes me very sad, but what can I do?

The next three pictures are from Rideaucrest, yesterday evening.

This North St. building is being renovated.

Along Washburn Road.

Finally got in to the Waddell apple place at Washburn and Hwy.  15.  I was with a little old lady who LOVES apples.  They should have her in their advertising because she has lived to a very ripe old age eating apples!

An Autumn Trail

This evening I went out to the end of Bur Brook Road at Perth Road, to walk along the trail there.  It was a gorgeous evening.  It got quite warm during last night and it was well up into the 20s.   The sun came out in the afternoon and it was splendid.

Not sure why these leaves are blue, or what they are.

There were lots of these little frogs leaping around.

A perfect little maple leaf on the hood of my car.


Evening in October

Cool!  As I write this, we are getting a big thunderstorm…in October!

Today when I left a friend’s house, the sun had come out and it was getting warmer.  I decided to go down to the end of West Street to work on my project.

Look who was there!   They were just drawing up the lifeboat on the side.  I think it probably had taken people over to town, since we don’t have a deep water dock.

Off she goes.