This Sounds Like Me!

I recently discovered this quote that pretty much describes me…

Not all who wander are lost.

–JRR Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring.


I am hoping this blog will be an enjoyable journey to the sights and delights of Eastern Ontario, especially my hometown of Kingston.  It is for those who are homesick, those who have visited and loved it and those who are lucky enough to be here.   I lived in Vancouver for 25 years and I did miss Kingston, and would have liked something like this to look at.   I will add photos from outside the area now and again but in general I will stick to Eastern Ontario and I will usually focus on Kingston and immediate area.   I hope you will love my hometown.


Stormy Weather and Then the Calm

I went to a friend’s cottage near Parham on Monday and we had some WILD weather.  I was convinced that a tornado had hit nearby but I haven’t read anything about it so maybe not.  But the rain lashed down and the wind was horrendous!  It was also quite exhilarating!  I loved it.

I tried to leave after it ended and the power went out, but there was a tree down across the road.  I had to wait for a while for arborists to arrive and chop out the fallen trees.

And then the lake was calm again.

A bit of swamp, after all the turmoil.

On the way home–a bit fuzzy, but this is Hwy. 38 at Westport Road.

I think this was just north of Verona.

A generous display of Joe Pye Weed.

Kepler Road.  A charming produce stall.

Three shots of the marsh between Elginburg and Glenburnie.  As you can see, a gorgeous evening.  There had been dark clouds around Kingston but not a drop of rain–nothing like we had to the north.

I’m taking my elderly client for a drive, so I may or may not have something to show you tomorrow.  Stay tuned!

A Stunning Day in Gananoque 3

A truly beautiful screened in porch!


Looking towards the bridge.

Same geese FROM the bridge.

A casualty.    😦

Found these on the way home, along Hwy. 2.   Gorgeous!   They had a little patch last year but this year have gone for the gusto!

A Stunning Day in Gananoque 2

The Woodview Inn.

This little dead end street has the loveliest porches and gardens.   I talked to the woman who owns the black house.  She is an interior designer and she was painting the house this colour with natural linseed paint.  Every finish in the house is natural and environmentally friendly.

And this is a couple of doors down.

Gananoque had some gorgeous flora displays–certainly better than Kingston’s.  This is a little park where Hwy. 2 curves north, becoming the main street.

The tourist information.  Not too many tourists these days…but maybe a few.

The Town Hall.

Turtles Kingston brought it to my attention that there are turtles on this fountain, which I had taken pictures of before, but never noticed.

Centre Stage Music, which was once across the the Kingston Centre, is now here in Gananoque.

On the side of a building across the street from Centre Stage.

The rest of my Gananoque trip tomorrow.


A Stunning Afternoon in Gananoque

Continuing on with my trip to Gananoque on Saturday…

The 1000 Islands Playhouse, which I have never been to but have heard lots of good things about.  I wonder if it is open in any capacity yet.    As you can see there is a big new building next door and another one next to that one, so all those people on this side of the road who had a nice view all these years–they’re out of luck.

The Stonewater is a nice gastro pub–good food.  I didn’t eat there this time but I see they have a little patio.

Looking up the Gananoque River.

The Gananoque Inn.

This building seems to have stalled.

Some cruise ships are now going out.  It didn’t look like there were too many people on board.   The captain was just giving the safety announcements and they were off, up the St. Lawrence.

One of the businesses in this little group of buildings was open but no action at these two.

Pointed at Americans wanting to come across the river in boats!  (There is a historical plaque in front of these but I didn’t read it.)

Thanks to the people who provided this lovely seagull resting spot.  🙂

More of Gananoque tomorrow.



I stopped and had some lunch in Churchill Park yesterday.  They haven’t planted several of the gardens this year– because of extra covid expenses maybe?   There is a section where there are several garden patches and I am thinking that it might be a pollinator garden because the insects are going absolutely wild for it.

These ones seemed to attract the little white butterflies (or maybe they are cabbage moths?).  There were usually 4-6 fluttering around these most of the time, except when I tried to take a picture, when they completely disappeared, which is very like an animal in my experience.   At one point 6 or 7 of them went fluttering up in the air in a circling tornado of butterflies.  It was delightful.

The plants in the foreground have little orange flowers which are not show stoppers to us, but were abuzz.   Obviously insects LOVE them.

Then I went off to Gananoque along Woodburn and Maple Grove Roads (It’s the same road but two different names).

I just love being able to drive in the country here and see signs like this and get behind tractors.   When I lived in Vancouver I didn’t drive and could not get out into the country and there were definitely no tractors or cow crossings in my downtown neighbourhood.

That’s it for today but I have LOTS of pictures of Gananoque.




A Bit of This and That

One thing I love about the country is the creative displays and ornaments that some folks come up with.   We have seen the Holmes Road bear (which has now been taken down because he was starting to smell), which is a spectacular example, but here is a happy and welcoming tableau at the end of a driveway.

A cute Kingscourt wartime house with a fantastic garden!

Last night I decided to go for a drive along Latimer Road, but as I saw the sunset getting prettier and prettier, I decided to head for my favourite sunset place on Wilmer Road.  Here are some evening cows on Holmes Road.

This is from the Sydenham Lake boat launch.

I rode my bike downtown to get a Covid test so I can visit the nursing home.   We have been having some gorgeous days with more moderate temperatures and low humidity.  Bliss.

Then I went for a drive with my elderly client later today.

Another country creation–either for mail or newpapers.

The Inverary United Church.  Inverary is going through some changes.  It has had new stores opened in the last two or three years, after having pretty much nothing for a while, and there is a new executive lot subdivision going in.  Several houses are having work done as well.


Stunning Summer Days in K-Town

These three new houses at James and Rideau are looking good.

The Aqua Terra Restaurant has a patio back here.

I got pretty used to seeing incredible yachts in Vancouver.  One was 150 long and another had a helicopter on the back of it.  But this is the biggest boat I’ve seen in Kingston.

These are all from Saturday afternoon–a glorious day.  Look at our city waterfront!  Magnificent!

The market is partially open, mostly for food.  There is no Sunday Antiques Market this year.

Yesterday evening I went for a little drive.  This is the view from behind the A&W on Hwy. 15.  Pretty nice lookoff back there.

A couple of golden hour shots of Barriefield.

I saw lots of bunnies around.   I have a friend who has a garden up the road from here and they are the bane of his life.

The sky from Fort Henry Hill.

To Stittsville 2

It was a rainy day today and the temperatures weren’t horrendously high but boy, it was muggy.  It looks like we have a week coming up of more moderate temperatures and some more rain.   Meanwhile, to cool you down, a Christmas shop in Merrickville.

Merrickville LOVES planters full of flowers.  Beautiful!

This porch is sooooo awesome!

Where the local psychic lives and works.

Great to see Merrickville again.

To Stittsville

Yesterday I drove to Stittsville to see family.  So nice to see them after all this time.  We just visited in the backyard.  On the way there I went through Perth and on the way back, through Merrickville.

Boating seems more popular than usual this summer.  Wherever there is a boat launch, this is what you will see–sometimes on both sides of the road.

Off to explore Devil Lake.

I stopped for a muffin at a pullover at Devil Lake and found this.  I am thinking that this has been eaten by the larvae of a monarch butterfly?

Pulling over for a little stretch along Hwy. 7.  I didn’t stop in Perth but plan to go there soon.   I had wanted to go for a car wash there because there is a place that does a nice job, but when I arrived they were temporarily closed for maintenance.

A little cafe in Merrickville.  There were some people on the patio on the other side.

Spot the almost invisible chicken.

I really like this but have no idea where I would put it and the store was closed anyway.

More Merrickville tomorrow.

Howe Island-South Side

Looking south across the St. Lawrence.  I think that is Wolfe Island that we can see there, but there is a gap where you can see the US.

A yellow moose with a reflector eye–something you don’t see everyday.

This could almost be my new dream house but it would be isolated in the winter, and too close to the ferry and roaring motor boats and jet skis.  But it sure is pretty, and wonderful to be on the water!

That thing with the red there is the tiny little ferry that holds about 3 small cars.   Love it!

One of the Thousand Islands.

Howe Island Ferry Road.

I got to visit a couple of equine friends on the way home.

I’ll be going for a small drive with my client tomorrow and on Friday, I am off to see people in Stittsville for the first time since March!  So lots of pictures coming up!  And I’ll have to get to Amherst Island one of these days.