This Sounds Like Me!

I recently discovered this quote that pretty much describes me…

Not all who wander are lost.

–JRR Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring.


I am hoping this blog will be an enjoyable journey to the sights and delights of Eastern Ontario, especially my hometown of Kingston.  It is for those who are homesick, those who have visited and loved it and those who are lucky enough to be here.   I lived in Vancouver for 25 years and I did miss Kingston, and would have liked something like this to look at.   I will add photos from outside the area now and again but in general I will stick to Eastern Ontario and I will usually focus on Kingston and immediate area.   I hope you will love my hometown.


Country Drives 2

Looking north from Moreland Dixon Road.

The huge bank of sumac at Unity and Battersea Roads.

A lumber yard on Cole Hill Road.

My second client and I went out to Chipmunk Ridge Road near Odessa, because it’s lovely in autumn. The skies were grey though, as you can see.

A light patch in the otherwise grey sky.

After the drives, arrrr, there be pirates in the harbour!

I can’t remember where I saw this, but it’s very good. 🙂

This is taken through my window. This was the second time I had noticed this blue jay coming to my pentases and finding something to eat in there. Seeds?

Not sure what will be next–probably just some odds and ends around town. I went for a bike ride yesterday and during the ride the temperature dropped about 10 degrees. Today was downright frosty and some of my plants weren’t looking too happy. I went for another ride and it took me hours to thaw out afterwards. It felt freezing, but I know if we hit the same temperature in March we’d remark on how balmy it was. It’s all about the perspective.

Country Drives

One evening I went to my favourite place–the end of McKendry Road. I didn’t stay long because it was getting chilly and I hadn’t brought a sweater, and there were still too many mosquitoes around for my liking.

These look like some sort of goldenrod but they were only about 12-18 inches tall.

Coming home along MacAdoo’s Lane.

The mum display at Loblaws.

A few wild roses left in the Rideaucrest garden.

Bur Brook Road–a drive with a client.

Latimer Road–a mailbox among the sumacs.

Round Lake Road near Moreland Dixon Road. I’d say by next week the colours should be at their height.

More tomorrow.

Kingston Via Station With a Dog Friend

They’ve made a paved path alongside the new bridge on John Counter Blvd. I’ve been wanting to check it out. I finally had a nice day and an opportunity and a dog friend who wanted walking.

Looking across the marsh from Portsmouth Ave. That would be the Ambassador Hotel over there.

Looking east up John Counter Blvd. Note the geese hanging out in the park area.

They’ve put in wildlife fences all along here. Good idea.

More geese flying over and another apartment building being built.

They’re past their prime now but there are miniature sunflowers all along here, and white cosmos as well. Did the city do that or is it guerrilla gardeners?

Puts me in mind of the Snowbirds. 🙂

Looking up Old Mill Road. I just looked at the 2014 Streetview picture and there was nothing there in 2014. Behind me is a new road that goes to the train station, rather than the big arced road that was there before.

My canine companion. Her Mom is UEL background, 7th generation Kingstonian and keen follower of this blog.

Heading to Ottawa and Montreal.

A little stream/drainage ditch goes through.

Big mushroom! There were a few smaller ones around it.

Yesterday I took my clients for drives so there will be some photos from that coming up.

Back to Kingston, Through Merrickville

Fall displays. I noticed that the Christmas shop is gone.

I had a great photo of this shed from a few years ago, on a dull day in the fall, with a couple of strands of colourful vine over it. I wanted to find it again, but I wasn’t prepared for this exuberantly festooned apparition!

Something to do with your old teacups.

That’s a wooden bench on the right but from here it looks like a dinosaur skull.

The store of colourful birds.

Looking west and then east along the Rideau Canal.

The main street.

The hamlet of Morton, on Hwy. 15.

Two on Leo Lake Road.

And three along Sunbury Road. And then I was home.

Tomorrow, a walk around the train station.

Parliament Buildings to Andrew Haydon Park

The Laurier statue’s view over Wellington St., although his head would be a little higher than this.

Passed this little guy on the way back. He/she was totally nonplussed by the traffic and cyclists whizzing by at Wellington near the Portage Bridge. Stay safe little groundhog!

King of his domain. I didn’t realize that there was another goose there until I saw the picture.

Andrew Haydon Park. I showed a picture of the bridge I am on a few days ago. I wanted to come back to this park because it looked so beautiful but they discouraged bikes. So I walked it this time.

Geese are on the move these days.

This red squirrel had been hiding pine cones in the rocks.

A very sad seagull on a Do Not Feed the Wildlife sign.

This is a great park and this would be a wonderful spot to sit and enjoy a performance.

Another beautiful day winds down.

The next day was also sunny and warm and I returned to Kingston through Merrickville.

A Ride to the Parliament Buildings Part 2

Some indigenous art in a tunnel.

The Art Gallery and Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica.

Peek a boo! I see the Parliamentary Library.

Parliament is under construction–both the main building and the east block.

The one on the right is the Canadian Museum of History. The map says that the domed one is the Canadian Children’s Museum.

I left the bike at the bottom of the locks and walked up, which was a challenge. This is the beginning of the Rideau Canal and the building is the Chateau Laurier.

Looking back down the locks.

Two Prime Ministers–Wilfred Laurier in the background and Mackenzie King in front. I don’t remember MK being in this position before. I wonder if he has been moved. Or I could be wrong. I looked for the Famous Five statue of the women who achieved the vote for women, but there is so much construction going on around the place that I didn’t find it.

The War Memorial from behind. I didn’t get too far. I really just wanted a couple of pictures of the Parliament buildings. I’d had so much exercise in the couple of days before and the hill up the locks just about finished me off. I’m much better on a bicycle.

I’d never really noticed before what a lovely building the east block is. Beautiful details. I’m assuming that Parliament is being held in the west block.

One of the details on the east block–a couple of gargoyles.

A memorial to the thousands of children’s graves at residential schools across the nation.

I just took these pictures, turned around and returned from whence I came. Details tomorrow.

A Ride to the Parliament Buildings

I had thought of taking a bus into town and trying out the new, tempermental and controversial rail system but the rail system is down for and extended period. It has been a bit of a white elephant! I decided to drive down the Parkway, park just to the west of downtown and ride the rest of the way. I’m glad I did.

These were close to where I parked.

Little islands in the river. It made me think of something I read in the book “Bush Runner” about the Algonquin people controlling an island in the Ottawa River and charging a toll for other folks to pass by. This was back in the 1600s! I thought it was Morrison Island but I couldn’t find a Morrison Island on Google Maps.

The entrance to the War Museum.

Hull, Quebec–all part of Gatineau now, I think.

A new neighbourhood going in on Albert Island and a walkway that takes you to Chaudiere Island. I think the Eddy Match company was down here and the road that crosses over to Quebec here is Eddy Road. I was talking to a woman who gave me the idea that this had just opened, but I see on Google Maps that it looks like it has been open for a few months. It’s very nicely done.

I don’t have any idea what these were but it looks like they are being kept as a neighbourhood feature. Kind of cool looking, whatever they are.

A wildflower garden. According to the map I may be standing in Quebec. The border cuts across this island, very close to here.

Chaudiere Falls and the seagulls who love it here!

Some chairs to sit on in the wildflower garden.

I think this is Victoria Island and there is a park in there as well. I had never been around this area before.

More of this ride tomorrow.

Constance Bay

I enjoyed my bike ride along the Ottawa river so much on Wednesday, and the weather was so grand, I decided to go see some more, so I went up to Constance Bay. What a lovely spot.

There was another pub down the road which was much more raucous than this one! Quite a noisy spot.

I’ve been told that this is a motorized hang glider. I was down at another beach a while later when this started up. At first I thought maybe it just flew along the surface of the water but then it took off and soared overhead. Amazing!

I got out my folding chair and sat on the beach for a while. Bliss!

The last two are of Carp Road.

Tomorrow–another glorious day and another bike ride along the Ottawa River, this time to the Parliament Buildings.

Ottawa River Trail and Mud Lake

Britannia Beach.

Not sure what this is–somebody has just painted this nicely.

Walking my bike down the east side of Mud Lake.

I love the wood ducks. This is the only place that I know I can find them.

Britannia Park.

Andrew Haydon Park.

After this ride, it was such a beautiful day that I decided to go up to Constance Bay.

A Visit to the Nation’s Capital

I took this one along Hwy. 15 when we were stopped for roadwork.

I went to visit my cousin for a few days. I was supposed to go last weekend but the weather was abysmal so I moved it to Tuesday. I arrived Tuesday afternoon and went for a bike ride on a nearby trail through the Greenbelt.

The trail was quite busy and everyone said hello.

It was a dull day but a very pleasant temperature and the smells were wonderful–damp earth and cedar trees.

The next day I woke up to SUNSHINE! We hadn’t seen much of that for a while. I wanted to go for a bike ride along the Ottawa River, starting at Andrew Haydon Park, which is on the western edge of Carling Ave. What a glorious day it was!

Looking north west along the river.

Technically this is the Dick Bell Park but it is attached to the Andrew Haydon Park. It’s all really nice along here.

Looking east. I don’t know what that place is.

The Nepean Yacht Club.

More from this ride tomorrow. And after my ride, I went to Constance Bay.